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What do you think about the changing landscape in associations serving the direct to consumer industry? If I could only join one association or organization, which one should it be?

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Rick Petry
Rick Petry  replied:

The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (https://www.thepdmi.com) is the organization that has risen from the ashes of the organizations that had previously existed: the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) and the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA) which also produced Response-branded events. Historically those two organizations had competed for leadership, mindshare, and sponsorship dollars and there was a great need for consolidation in the industry (full disclosure: I am a past Chairman of the Board of the now defunct ERA and worked extensively on projects for the DRMA). The PDMI has given the industry an opportunity to reboot so to speak, renew its commitment and energy to direct marketing as a best business practice, and advance the industry. Because it has been in existence for little more than a year, there is an opportunity for anyone new to join and be a vital part of it as it is not entrenched like organizations that have been around for longer periods of time.

Anonymous  replied:
It looks like the Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (https://www.thepdmi.com) recently finished up an event in San Diego. How did it go and how is the PDMI progressing? Should one plan to attend their next event?