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I've been writing, producing and directing infomercials for 26 years with a lot of Top 10 shows.

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Been producing infomercials for 26 years with several shows in the top ten. Lot of success in Europe as well. Very few people are successful at all 3 categories--writing, producing and directing a show. I do that because I'm hands on in those categories. 


University of Oregon

Bachelor's Degree

Have donated to UO to fund student film festival (6 years), on-camera TV hosting workshop (2 years) and a sports media workshop (2 years). 

6/12/2018 1:46:20 PM,
Ben Kalb replied:

If the celebrity is a real celebrity, not somebody who had a role in Love Boat 30 years ago, that would be worth considertation. You will not get film actors/actresses.  Be preapred for televison or sports celebrities. The celebrity should be perceived as "current" and "relevant" not a has-been. Dont overpay for celebrities.  You can usually get them for a decent one day shooting fee plus a point off the back end.  I would personally use a celebrity as a co-host, allowing the other co-host to carry the "selling" in the show.