Anonymous asked PCR Marketing , 5/31/2018 ( 1 comment )

What is the minimum direct response television (DRTV) media spend one should budget for when testing a new product?

I'm speculating that my product would be most suitable for short form advertising.

PCR Marketing replied:

Very good question. Assuming we are talking about a national cable launch, for a short form campaign (:60, 1:20) a minimum of $30-40k should be tested over 2 weeks. This will give us an idea of how the marlket is responding to the messaging. With long form about the same amount covering at least 2 weekends. Keep in mind I woudl also allocate $5k per month minimum for a corresponding digital test. However, testing is not necesarily done after we get a "read", there could be several more tests on differemnt varibales such as offers, price points, creative etc. to determine which gives us the best ROI before rolling out. 

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