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Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power knowledge sharing networks for private companies, franchisors, trade associations, professional societies and other membership organizations. Deploying a Brainsy powered network, organizations can showcase companies or subject matter experts and facilitate mentoring while earning non-dues revenue. Brainsy is backed by successful entrepreneurs-turned-Angels and is a portfolio company of TomorrowVentures, co-founded by Alphabet (formerly Google) Chairman, Eric Schmidt.

Brainsy Consulting Services can help you with your digital marketing and social media strategy and execution. Our primary competency is exceeding the expectations of our clients and helping them reach success. 



Brainsy powers co-branded knowledge sharing networks for associations, professional societies, and membership organizations.


Web3 AI Social Communities
● Build a branded web3 AI social media and engagement network to reward creators or members.
● Align incentives through new monetization and/or ownership opportunities for you and your community.
● Plug-and-play rewards in any currency, loyalty points, or blockchain-based token.

Control, Transparency, Governance
● Offer users full transparency on the algorithms enabled on your web3 social site.
● Give users control over their data and the algorithms that affect their profile at a granular level.  
● Provide your community with tools to self-regulate or moderate content.

Marketing and Promotion
● Extend your media presence online with amazing SEO.
● Showcase your thought leadership and that of individual members to own your niche.
● Launch a community-owned knowledge ecosystem around your web3 AI community.

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Brainsy, Inc.
Digiday: DTC brands are embracing membership models to improve retention

Great article by Hilary Milnes on Digiday. Some key takeaways: 

"Direct-to-consumer brands in replenishable categories, like the razor brands Dollar Shave Club and Billie and the tampon brand Lola, use subscription models to boost business in lieu of broad distribution networks."

“A few years back, digital marketing money was flowing and the idea was, ‘Let’s build traffic and buy paid traffic through search and social.’ Teams were focused on acquisition,” said Bellaiche. “Now we see many brands moving toward retention, UX and analytics, and building those teams with employees that work on those topics only. There’s a clear rebalance. Loyalty means a healthy business. One-time customers do not.” 

“Once you know your consumer, you can get past the logic of promotion. When you don’t know someone, you have to talk about price,” said Bellaiche. “If you know the consumer, you can personalize the experience and provide more than just discounts — product recommendations based on membership models, content, exclusive sales and events. These brands with cult followings could build something worth paying for, and that’s where we’ll see this shift.”

Read the full article at: